Blinken named the main threat to Western democracy

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United States Secretary of State Anthony Blinken believes that inequality, systematic racism and political polarization make the democracies of the United States and other countries “less resilient.” He said this during a speech on March 24 at NATO headquarters, which was broadcast in Twitter

Blinken also recalled that Western democracies are imperfect and “always have been.”

“The biggest threat is that our citizens are losing faith in the ability of democracy to deal with its shortcomings and fulfill the promise of building a more ideal community,” he stressed.

On March 22, it became known that American leader Joe Biden considers it necessary to amend US legislation in such a way that it would contribute to the elimination of racism and violence in the country.

He noted that his administration will oppose racial discrimination around the world.

On March 19, the press secretary of the President of the United States, Jen Psaki, acknowledged that the country should take additional measures to combat manifestations of racism. According to her, the US President “is aiming at this.”