Amazing Tips For Black Light Photography

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If you’re tired of the same old lighting effects, you should give black light photography a try. Using black light gives your images a whole distinct look. With black lights, you can transform a mundane environment or picture into a dazzling image bursting with bright colors. 

Under black light, the ultra-bright colors generated by phosphorescent paint capture everyone’s attention. These hues do not exist in nature. Any photographer who enjoys thinking outside the box should play with the incredible possibilities this approach provides.

An Introduction to Black Light Photography

  • Instead of using white light, black light is used in black light photography. 
  • Regular bulbs and flashes generate white light. We can see the brightness that shines on everything that is visible. 
  • The human eye cannot detect black light, commonly known as ultraviolet. 
  • The visible light spectrum includes light from the sun and light bulbs. 
  • However, UV light falls outside of this range. 
  • Although the human eye cannot sense black light, our digital camera sensors can. 
  • To give your photographs a vivid glow, you may use black lights. 
  • The use of black light results in dark photographs with dazzling neon colors.

Features of Black Light Photography

The photographer chooses what can and cannot be seen while using black light photography. 
The staging is done with fluorescent instruments that glow under black light.
The extensive toolset enables a magnificent, multicolored display that you will not find anywhere else.

The Items you need for Black Light Photography

A Blacklight

These are available online, and retailers like Walmart and Home Depot generally have them in the lighting area. A blacklight tube (similar to fluorescent light) produces more light than a single bulb. You will have more light on your subject if you use two black lights, you will be able to experiment with different directional lighting, and the exposure time will be less. Long exposure durations aren’t a concern when shooting inanimate objects, but they are when shooting people.

A Penlight 

It is optional. However, it allows you to apply non-black light lighting to tiny sections of your subject or area for a unique look.

Luminescent Paint

If you wish to use a brush and paint only certain portions of a subject, you may buy this in small containers or individual spray cans. You can get these paints at art stores, and spray cans are accessible anywhere paint is sold.

A Tripod

UV lights normally have modest power, so you may need to reduce your shutter speed to get an acceptable photo. A tripod allows you to reduce your shutter speed to as little as 1/30 sec; any slower increases the possibility of motion blur in your subject.

A Camera 

A camera with good low-light performance allows you to get viable photos at high ISOs, which is commonly required while shooting under UV lighting’s low output. In low light, a lens with a wide maximum aperture is beneficial.

Tips to get started with Black Light Photography

A Slow Shutter Speed

The lack of light produced by UV illumination is an issue. If you try UV photoshoot outside, the natural light will outweigh the black light. It implies that black light photography must be done in a studio. You may use a variety of cameras for black light photography. 

But you’ll need to choose a manual shutter speed. The ideal camera is a DSLR or mirrorless model. On your smartphone, you can also utilize your manual control. You’ll need a slow shutter speed since UV illumination produces very little light. 

The exposure period might range from a second to many seconds. Your camera’s manual shutter mode is necessary. When you choose a slow shutter speed, there is a significant chance of camera shaking and motion blur. If you’re photographing models, they must be skilled at maintaining a posture.

Black light photography

Make Room for Night Photography

Your black lights won’t work if there is another source of light. The white light will be too much for them. You need a dark area to operate in so your UV black light can perform to their full potential. Screens and shades may be available if you’re working in a photographic studio to filter out light. However, you may experiment with UV light photography at home. Close the drapes, lower the blinds, and turn out the lights.

Black light photography

Light Fittings with Black Lights

A great technique to play with images is using UV photography. A few black light bulbs might create a striking new effect for your pictures. And with only a few types of equipment, you can do a lot. You may replace the white light bulb in your nightstand lamp with a UV bulb. It’s an easy solution as long as it’s the right size. You can use the blacklight bulb in the same manner as a regular light bulb.

Black light photography

Enjoy Glow Stick Action!

Neon glow sticks may help you create a party environment in your photographic studio. They don’t generate a lot of light on their own. However, they emit a dazzling neon glow when exposed to black light. One can use it to add color to their images. You may also use them to paint with light. Because you’ll be utilizing a slow shutter speed anyhow, light painting is simple.

Black light photography

UV Paint and Makeup Glow

In normal light, UV cosmetics do not appear particularly fascinating. There is some color, but that is all. However, when exposed to black light, it springs to life. You may use various brilliant colors to paint your face or your model’s face. Blues, pinks, and yellows emerge from the darkness.

UV face paint may make your portraits pop. You can transform a typical studio portrait into something enigmatic. One can also use it to emphasize specific areas of the face. If you like the vibrancy and thrill of UV makeup, you can take it a step further with glow-in-the-dark paint.

UV body paints, like cosmetics, come in a variety of colors. They have electric and luminous properties. There is a lot of freedom with your themes. The body becomes a canvas on which a tale is painted. A tale portrayed in vivid neon colors.

Black light photography


Use Strip Lights to Increase Power

A single bulb has a pretty low light output, so choose something a little more powerful if feasible. Several best smart light strips are available that are more powerful than a standard black light bulb. A more powerful black light can offer you greater control over your camera’s exposure settings. 

While a slow shutter time is still required, you may utilize a lower ISO and a smaller aperture. With more exposure triangle freedom, you may experiment with depth of field. When utilizing black light, you may even create a nice bokeh effect.

Black light photography



Black light photography is exciting and novel. You can generate colorful, distinctive images with basic camera equipment and a few accessories. The dazzling colors are electrifying and erupt from the darkness.

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