Biometrics law is planned to be passed

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The law, expanding the possibilities of using biometrics and clarifying the requirements for its safety, will most likely be adopted by the end of 2020, Anatoly Aksakov, head of the State Duma’s financial market committee, told Izvestia. Immediately after the amendments take effect, facial and voice casts can be used to pay for purchases with a glance at the camera.

Now the launch is being prepared for face-to-face payment in the Lenta chain of stores, Izvestia was told by Rostelecom (acting as the operator of the unified biometric system). They added that they also work with the largest Russian operator and manufacturer of vending machines. Rostelecom plans to ensure that the service is ready for commercial operation by the time the relevant draft laws are adopted.

“Biometric payment can reduce the customer service cycle time from an average of 20 to 5 seconds. For remote identification, recognition accuracy is 99.99%. The system employs the Liveness Detection algorithm, which allows you to distinguish a live person from a photograph, and if necessary, ask for a password, ”Rostelecom told Izvestia.

The biometrics law passed its first reading in July 2019 and then was frozen. Now casts of the face and voice from the EBS can be used only for remote opening of deposits.

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