Biohacker spoke about unusual methods of hardening

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Walking barefoot in the snow is useful, but you need to master this type of hardening gradually. Biohacker Nikita Metelitsa told about this in an interview with radio Sputnik.

According to him, cold and snow, acting through the feet, produce a serious stimulation of all internal systems of the body.

“It’s called smart stress. From the point of view of hardening, this is a good procedure, we get a fairly strong synergistic effect. You need to start gradually, literally with a few steps. As soon as the pain begins, finish. We will gradually be able to increase the time of this procedure, ”the expert noted.

Walking barefoot in the snow suits most people, he said, but running in the snow requires special training.

“Running in the snow is fraught with certain dangers. This is a thing that needs to be trained separately. Train what part of the foot we land on. Plus, you may not feel hypothermia and then get serious problems. It is suitable for units, ”the biohacker warned.

Blizzard noted that if the immune system is weakened, then walking in the snow should be postponed.

As for the weather conditions, according to the expert, there are no special restrictions, however, at temperatures below minus 30 degrees, special care must be taken.

In December, therapist Alexander Barvinsky said that the main contraindications for hardening are pre-infarction and near-infarction conditions.