Bill Gates named two threats to humanity after the pandemic

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Microsoft founder, multi-billionaire Bill Gates, said that after the coronavirus pandemic, humanity could face threats from climate change and bioterrorism.

On January 27, Gates spoke about the world’s unpreparedness for the next pandemic, which could be 10 times worse than the situation with the coronavirus.

In an interview with YouTube channel Veritasium on February 4, the multibillionaire named what other challenges the world is not prepared for.

“One of them is climate change,” Gates said. According to him, each year the death rate due to this factor will be much higher than now from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Microsoft founder considers bioterrorism as the second threat.

“Someone wanting to cause harm can create a virus, which means that the likelihood of encountering it is higher compared to natural epidemics like this one,” explained Gates.

In November 2020, Bill Gates announced that a new pandemic could begin in three years. At the same time, he noted that humanity can be lucky and “it will happen in 20 years.”

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