Biden has several times increased the refugee limit

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President of the United States Joe Biden announced the renewal of the plan for admitting refugees for 2021, namely, increasing their number to 62.5 thousand people, which was due to criticism of his activities from the Democratic Party. On Monday, May 3, reports Reuters.

It is clarified that the American leader changed his mind two weeks after the announcement by his administration about maintaining the migration limit at a historically low level of 15 thousand people, which was set by Republican Donald Trump, the previous president of the United States. In a statement, Biden notes that the corresponding indicators do not correspond to the values ​​of the country, according to which the support and acceptance of refugees is fully welcomed.

“It is important to take appropriate measures today to remove all lingering doubts in the minds of refugees around the world, who have suffered so much and are looking forward to starting their new lives,” the US President shares.

In January, after taking office as President of the United States, Joe Biden made a promise to intensify the migration program, but due to fears caused by the growing number of migrants on the country’s border with Mexico, he decided to stick to a lower refugee reception plan, which drew criticism of his activities. by defenders of migrants and the Democratic Party.

On Friday, April 30, it became known that, according to Newsweek, the beginning of the speech of US President Joe Biden was interrupted by shouts of protesters asking about the detention of people in penitentiary centers.

It is clarified that the president’s speech was interrupted after his introduction to the first American lady Jill Biden. The protesters managed to shout down the US leader even though he spoke through the microphone.