Biden during the speech confused the granddaughter with the late son

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Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden mistook his granddaughter for his late son during a speech in Philadelphia on Tuesday, November 3. The New York Post agency reports.

“This is my son, Beau Biden, whom many of you have helped to elect to the Senate in Delaware. This is my granddaughter Natalie. No wait, I was wrong. This is Natalie, Bo’s daughter, ”Biden said as he introduced his granddaughter to supporters.

The headquarters of his opponent, the current US President Donald Trump, immediately reacted to this incident of a democrat.

“Look: Joe Biden confused his granddaughters,” the headquarters said in a Twitter with a link to the video of the incident.

In October, Biden made a reservation by announcing his nomination for the Senate.

On November 3, presidential elections are held in the United States. The rival of the incumbent head of state, Republican Donald Trump, is a Democrat, former US Vice President Joseph Biden.

Earlier it became known that Biden is monitoring the voting and counting of votes in his house, along with his family members. Trump is awaiting election results in the East Wing of the White House, along with his family and senior officials of his staff.

The US electoral system provides for an indirect election of the head of state, who is elected by an electoral college of 538 people representing their states. The number of electors from each state is equal to the number of representatives of the state in Congress. In elections, electors must vote for the candidate who previously won in their state, but there is no law binding them to this. Thus, a candidate can get more American votes than an opponent, but lose the election due to fewer electoral votes.

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