Biden considered the use of firearms a real epidemic in the United States

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The use of violent firearms has become an epidemic in the United States. This was announced on Wednesday, April 28 (Thursday Moscow time), by US President Joe Biden in his speech to members of both houses of the US Congress.

“I will do everything to protect the American people from an epidemic of gun violence,” Biden said.

The President noted that the US Congress “also has time to act.”

“More Senate Republicans are needed to join the vast majority of their fellow Democrats, help close loopholes and introduce background checks on a person before buying weapons. We should again ban assault weapons and high-capacity stores in the country. Don’t tell me it’s impossible. We have done this before, and it worked, ”said the American leader.

The President of the United States and his administration are going to fight the proliferation of homemade weapons, components for which can be purchased on the Internet.

On April 24, five people were injured in a shooting in downtown New Orleans, Louisiana.

On April 20, a shooting occurred in a New York supermarket. As a result, one person died and two were injured. Later that day, the police detained the suspect.