Biden calls Russia and the United States great powers

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The United States and Russia are great powers, said American leader Joe Biden during his speech on relations with Moscow on Thursday, April 15. The broadcast was conducted in Twitter White House.

According to Biden, Russians and Americans are “proud and patriotic peoples” who are interested in a peaceful and secure future.

“We represent two great powers that bear a great responsibility for global stability. President Putin and I – we have a significant responsibility to keep this relationship in working order, ”he said.

Also during his speech, Biden said that he could have introduced tougher sanctions against Russia, but did not do this.

The head of the White House noted that the US administration is also considering the option of imposing unilateral sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project, but considers this issue difficult and recognizes that it affects the interests of Washington’s allies in Europe.

On April 15, Biden signed a decree imposing new anti-Russian sanctions. The restrictions affected 32 legal entities and individuals from Russia who allegedly tried to influence the US presidential elections in 2020.

In addition, it became known about the expulsion of ten employees of the Russian diplomatic mission in Washington.

The State Duma, commenting on the US sanctions, said that such actions put everything in its place and showed that a reset in relations between Washington and Moscow will not happen.