Biden announced the competition between the United States and China and other countries

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The current American administration believes that the United States is in a state of competition with China and a number of other states for the palm in the 21st century. President Joe Biden announced this on April 28 (April 29 Moscow time) in his first address to the US Senate and House of Representatives. The text of his speech was published by the White House.

“We are in a state of competition with China and other countries to win in the 21st century,” Biden said.

According to him, he notified the Chinese leader about measures to protect American interests.

“I told President Xi (Chinese President Xi Jinping – Ed.) That we will maintain a strong military presence in the Indo-Pacific region, as we do together with NATO in Europe, but not in order to start a conflict, but for conflict prevention, ”Biden said.

As the American leader noted, he told Xi Jinping that the United States welcomes competition, but “made it clear that I will defend American interests on all fronts.”

Biden stressed that the United States will oppose unfair trade practices that undermine the interests of American workers and industry, such as “subsidies to state-owned enterprises and theft of American technology and intellectual property.”

On April 28, it was reported that US senators proposed a bill “On the principle of full reciprocity – 2021” for consideration by Congress, which should eliminate “a significant imbalance” in relations between Washington and Beijing. In particular, the senators pointed to a number of areas of concern for cooperation. Among them are diplomacy, trade, education and communications.

On April 18, Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Le Yucheng said that competition between the United States and China is inevitable, but Beijing is in favor of keeping it healthy. He noted that China and the United States are the largest economies in the world, therefore they are obliged to settle relations.