Biden allowed the transfer of unused US vaccines to other countries

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US President Joe Biden said the country is considering helping other countries with the supply of coronavirus vaccines. We are talking about those drugs that are not used in the United States.

At the same time, he noted that in the States themselves there is still not enough vaccines in order to poison them abroad.

“We are studying what exactly is to be done with vaccines that we do not use. We need to make sure that it is safe to send them (abroad) … We do not have enough (vaccines) now to send them abroad with confidence, ”he said at a briefing that was broadcast in the official Twitter-the White House account.

Biden also called on all Americans over the age of 16 to be vaccinated against COVID-19. According to him, if the volume of vaccinations made in the country continues to grow, then on the Independence Day of the United States, which is celebrated on July 4, citizens will be able to celebrate the victory over the virus in “small groups.”

In addition, the head of the White House appealed to American employers to give workers paid leave in order to get vaccinated against COVID-19, and if they feel unwell after it, stay at home.

On April 19, the US federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that vaccination against COVID-19 has become available to all residents of the country who have reached the age of 16.

On April 13, the United States recommended to suspend vaccination with Johnson & Johnson for safety reasons, as the country has already identified six severe cases of thrombosis after being vaccinated with this vaccine. One of the patients died.

Prior to that, two more vaccines were registered in the States, including a drug from Pfizer and BioNTech, as well as a drug from the pharmaceutical corporation Moderna. At the same time, data on deaths as a result of vaccination with Pfizer is constantly appearing.

In early March, the Biden administration reaffirmed the position of previous US authorities that the country does not plan to share coronavirus vaccines with other states until all Americans are vaccinated.