Biden allowed 25,000 refugees to enter

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Unauthorized entry is not prohibited

The Trump administration, in an effort to reduce the flow of illegal immigration to the United States, forced asylum seekers arriving at the southern border to await a decision on their applications in Mexico, not on American soil. The Bidenites branded Trump’s policies as a stain on America’s reputation, and the incumbent announced that starting February 19, he would allow approximately 25,000 people on the waiting list to enter the country.

“We are bringing immigration policy in line with the historical values ​​of our country,” said Homeland Security Minister Alejandro Mallorcas, categorically inscribing the ideological biases of his camp in American tradition.

Republicans are convinced that the measure introduced by Trump was an adequate response to the surge in illegal migration that occurred in 2018-2019, and they also draw attention to the fact that asylum seekers who spent a long time in Mexico could easily turn out to be distributors of covid, since the country copes poorly with the epidemic. The processing of asylum applications in US courts has slowed dramatically due to the pandemic.

The BIV responds to Republicans that applicants will only be admitted to U.S. soil upon presentation of a negative test report for COVID-19. Those with a positive analysis will remain in Mexico, where “they will be taken care of by the international organizations – US partners”; patients will be treated or quarantined, depending on the recommendations of the Mexican Ministry of Health.

“Biden, let’s give him his due, fulfills his election promise to let illegal immigrants into the country, but he did not bother to establish simple testing, not to mention vaccinations, of Border Patrol personnel who were infected with the coronavirus in large numbers while on duty,” said Republican John Katko, deputy chairman of the House committee overseeing the Department of Homeland Security. Kovid killed 7,800 border guards, 25 of them died.

One of the arguments in favor of large-scale immigration for several generations boils down to the fact that immigrants demonstrate a relatively high birth rate, therefore, given the low fertility of the indigenous population observed in America, an influx from outside can correct the imbalances in the so-called “dependence index”, that is the ratio of the number of pensioners living from the state budget to the number of working and tax-paying citizens. However, as the analysis of the conservative brain trust The Center for Immigration Studies shows, the birth rate among immigrants has dropped markedly in recent years and for the first time in US history has dropped below the simple reproduction rate to 2.02 children per woman who arrived; back in 2008, this coefficient was 2.75. Only in Hispanics is it still high – 2.24. The simple reproduction rate is set in theory at 2.1 children for every woman of childbearing age.

The Center for Immigration Studies, citing data that has not yet been fully verified, makes an interesting suggestion that the higher the immigration, the lower the fertility rate among indigenous women. “Be that as it may, it is clear that our society in the long term due to immigration will not be able to significantly rejuvenate,” the analysts emphasize. Probably, the negative demographic trend can be suspended for a short time – but this will require the arrival of a truly huge number of young people from abroad. And these young people, don’t be fools, will take advantage of the current legislation and sooner or later will bring all their elderly relatives here.

The median age of an immigrant in America has risen from 26 in 2000 to 31 in 2017.