Best Skateboards for Kids

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Although a child does not need a professional device for several hundred euros, From no-name models for a few euros, you should better keep your fingers,robot turbo hoverboards because even without spectacular stunts, there is an enormous risk of injury if the axles, ball bearings, or the deck are inferior. First of all: From about 100 euros, there are already very useful skateboards from real skateboard brands that are suitable for beginners.

In our checklist, we summarize the most important things about children’s skateboards for you.

Checklist for skateboards for children

  • Width of the deck: For a good riding experience, the width of a skateboard (measured on the deck) is important on the one hand. The appropriate deck width can be roughly determined on the basis of the shoe size. The width of skateboards is measured in inches (inch [“]), where one inch equals 2.54 cm. Rough guideline: The shoe size divided by 4.7 results in about the appropriate width in inches or inches. Example: Shoe size 35 -> board between 7.375″ – 7.75″ is optimal. With a shoe size of 38, a deck width of 7,625″ – 8” is suitable.
  • Length of deck: In addition to the width, the length of the deck is also crucial: a board that is too short is less stable, and a board that is too long is more difficult to steer. For children, it is important to choose a rather shorter board due to the even lower leg strength: For body size 130 – 140 cm, a deck length <28″ is suitable. For a body height of about 150 cm, a cover length of about 30.5″ – 31.5″ is suitable.
  • Mini-Boards: Especially for the very early entry, mini boards from a size of 6.5″ are a good alternative.
  • Children’s skateboards: “Real” best skateboards for kids, on the other hand, have a multi-glued wooden board as a deck. In the best case, high-quality children’s models should only differ in size from professional models.
  • The quality of the ball bearings is also a decisive criterion for all skaters: At least ABEC-7 full bearings should be so that the rollers run really well.
  • High-quality axles are an essential part of any skateboard. Inferior axles can hardly be steered – even replacing the steering rubbers no longer helps.
  • In addition to the rollers, ball bearings, and axles, the deck is another decisive point: The grip tape must offer sufficient support – and hold even during prolonged use. Experience has shown that in the case of inferior skateboards, the grip tape comes off after a short time – or, in the worst case, breaks.
  • Safety: For long-lasting skate pleasure, you should definitely keep the safety of your child in mind. Particularly important are a helmet and suitable schooners for the joints.
  • Among the most popular and best brands in skateboards are Globe, Primitive and Little Boards or Santa Cruz and JUCKER HAWAII, to name just a few.

Recommended children’s skateboards

Skateboard by JUCKER HAWAII

The skateboard from JUCKER HAWAII is 7.75 inches (almost 20 cm) wide and suitable for all shoe sizes up to 43. It weighs just under 1.3 kg.

Skateboard by Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz’s skateboard is 7.8 inches (19.8 cm) x 31.6 inches (80.3 cm) in size and weighs 1.9 kg. The maximum load is 100 kg.

Skateboard by Globe

Globe’s skateboard is 7.6 inches (19.3 cm) x 29.25 inches (74.3 cm) in size and weighs 2 kg. It is especially suitable for young skaters.

Goodstock Complete Navy 7.82″

  • Hard globe material
  • Skateboard, Unisex, Adults
  • Goodstock (10525351)


TITUS Skateboards-Complete Pyramid, Black-orange, 7.625, Complete Board, 7 layers of maple wood

  • Skateboard Concave: Medium, optimal shape
  • Board Shape: Standard skateboard, suitable for skaters, skate parks, street spots, rough and smooth surfaces, pools, teenagers, adults, professionals
  • Complete board/deck/skateboard construction: 7-Ply Maple, 7 layers maple wood, wooden board, super stable skateboard
  • Dimensions of the skateboard: 7.625″ x 31.625″
  • Skateboard ball bearings: ABEC 7, 91A steering rubbers, 53mm Titus Classic Wheels with 101A in white-red, shock pads in black, black griptape, 1″ mounting kit.