Best knife brands in India

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Be it dicing, cutting, mincing, or cleaving; each kitchen needs a helpful arrangement of blades to finish these positions productively. Blade sets have different blades intended for explicit sorts of slashing and in this manner offer extreme accuracy and simplicity. The best kitchen blades are the ones that are solid, tough, and safe for regular use. Whether you’re an expert culinary specialist or a cooking beginner, cooking without your number one apparatuses can get baffling. From the edges to the size and hold, it means a lot to take a gander at each angle to guarantee that the blades make slashing and cooking fun and invigorating. More interesting articles are available on queryplex.


Pigeon is a main kitchenware brand situated in India. It produces blades, cutlery, utensils, bottles, tiffins, earthenware, and so forth that are profoundly dependable and reasonable. The organization has its base camp in Chennai and a strong presence across India.

Searching for the definitive best kitchen blades for your shiny new revamped kitchen? This kitchen blade set from Pigeon is an ideal one for you. Made from high-carbon tempered treated steel, each set contains 4 kitchen blades and a couple of kitchen shears. While the blades accompany agreeable handles for exact cutting, dicing, hacking, and stripping, the scissors are very adaptable and proved to be useful during fundamental cooking exercises. Also, find out what is a santoku knife used for.


AmazonBasics is a quickly developing homeware, tech, and kitchenware brand in India. It is one of the few sub-brands of Amazon which is a main online business organization today. It was sent off in the year 2009 and has turned into a top dealer on Amazon today.

Make a definitive expansion to your kitchen with this adaptable blade set from AmazonBasics. The set comprises eight blades that have different edge shapes and sizes for all your hacking needs. These blades include top-notch serrations and have triply bolted ergonomic handles for open to cutting. The set accompanies a wooden stand to house the blades conveniently.


Established in 1884, Victorinox is a main blade and extravagance watch organization that hails from Switzerland. The brand was sent off by Karl Elsener and is famous for its Swiss Army blades across the world. It is otherwise called perhaps the greatest maker of folding knives on the planet!

Searching for premium quality instruments for your ordinary cooking meetings? Get these 3 Swiss-made family cuts from Victorinox to accomplish steady, uniform, and exact cutting. One of the most mind-blowing kitchen blades for paring, these are produced using great hardened steel and are strong for consumption.


Solimo is a private mark brand possessed by worldwide online business monster Amazon. The brand was sent off around 2018 when its items began showing up on Amazon and gradually assumed control over the whole homecare, individual consideration, and kitchenware market in India. It has filled hugely in a limited capacity to focus time and is a genuinely solid brand today.

This Solimo blade set contains three blades that perform all that from cutting, mincing, and cleaving vegetables and meat, to stripping and cutting. These are proficient quality blades with a prevalent high-carbon tempered steel cutting edge that hacks with outrageous accuracy and precision.

Silver Shark

Silver Shark is a brand that makes premium-quality blades in India. It has been one of the most mind-blowing selling blade brands on Amazon for quite a while because of its quality and dependability. You can find a wide scope of blades under this brand on the web.

Change around your blade game with this one-of-a-kind blade set from Silver Shark. Each set incorporates a chopper blade, a major gourmet specialist’s blade, and a little cook’s blade. The sharp edges as well as the handles of these blades are made of prevalent quality tempered steel, making the enormous gourmet expert’s blade the best cook blade for proficient use.


Glare Appliances is one of the main makers of kitchen blades, cutlery, and kitchen adornments in India. The brand was established in 1992 and has its central command in Rajkot, Gujarat. Assuming that you’re searching for top-quality steel kitchenware, Glare has a ton of choices available for you!

Upheld by long periods of involvement, Glare is one of the top blade makers in India. This 5-piece set is one of the most incredible you can get utilizing kitchen apparatuses offers by means of CashKaro. It has a novel crushing framework to guarantee dependable state-of-the-art maintenance.


Touaretails is a high-selling kitchenware and embellishments brand that conveys quality without begging to be spent. It is a famous brand on Amazon and has a reliable client base also.

The Touaretails 6-piece blade set arrives in a stylish all-dark tone. The set contains a cook’s blade, bread blade, cutting blade, santoku blade, a paring blade, and a utility blade. The ergonomic handles guarantee more control and solace while cutting. Each blade has an enemy of slide grasp, so the blades don’t get out of your hands. Produced using premium quality treated steel, these blades are ideally suited for proficient use and are great for cutting, mincing, cleaving, dicing, and all the others in the middle.