Best Buy Offers Unlimited Electronics Tech Support

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Best Buy electronics retailer has announced the launch of a new one-year subscription service program for its customers.

For $ 199.99 per year (or $ 179.99 if paid by network credit card), shoppers will receive unlimited technical support from in-store Geek Squad specialists, free installation and launch of select home appliances, and subscriber exclusive pricing. , free shipping and extended return period for purchases. The pilot program, called Best Buy Beta, will be tested in 60 stores across six states. It has already begun to be applied in a number of stores in Iowa, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania, and will soon expand to stores in Minnesota, North Carolina and Tennessee.

This program is similar to the Amazon Prime program of the online retailer Amazon, which offers free and fast delivery of purchases, and the Walmart + program of the Walmart store, which advertises unlimited food delivery and discounts on gasoline. The Best Buy Beta program, which will replace the current Total Tech Support program in these six states, is aimed at people with many electronic devices, but experiencing difficulties in using them.

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