What are the Benefits of Using Apple Cider Vinegar?

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There is not a single possibility that you are unaware of the importance of vinegar especially in the Kitchen. Assisting the cooling process, washing the chicken, fish, or any other meat to remove its smell, contributing as a seasoning, preserving the foods in form of pickles and sauces, giving the typical tangy taste to a number of dishes including soup, etc. are some key uses of vinegar in the Kitchen.

However, many of you might not be aware of apple cider vinegar and its history. It was first made in 4000 BC in ancient Greece by Hippocrates. And to your surprise, he is not a chef or someone else related to the kitchen. He was a scientist at that time and was considered as the father of modern medicines. You are absolutely right if you are thinking that the purpose of making it was to treat some diseases at that time.

Later it came to our kitchen and started being used in many dishes. Its use as a salad dressing and a soup seasoning is unmatchable. However, it never means that health and other benefits are no longer associated with it. Following are some of the top listed benefits that one can get while using apple cider vinegar.

Ability to Kill Harmful Bacteria

Apple cider vinegar has specific characteristics that enable it to kill various harmful bacteria present in the human body. The evidence of this could be found even when it was first made by Hippocrates. He used it to clean wounds that result in the removal of harmful bacteria present there and stop the infection from spreading. 

Similarly, it is traditionally used in houses to clean and disinfect the house surface to prevent diseases. This is common in especially those homes where toddlers are present and have a great risk of catching a disease from the floor. Moreover, this ability of apple cider vinegar helps to preserve the food as well. It could be used to remove bacteria from the food that can make it rotten.

It is believed that if vinegar is diluted with boiled water and then applied to the face, it can help you to get rid of acne problems. However, proper research has not been conducted yet and is not a certified method to treat acne.

Help in Weight Loss

This might be the most surprising use of apple cider vinegar as you can think that some sort of liquid that is not a steroid either could help you to reduce weight. But this is a fact as many studies and researches show that it has the ability to increase the feeling of fullness. This will definitely result in low food consumption, ultimately leading to low calorie intake per day and this will directly decrease your weight.

However, this research is based on a duration of 3 months and results are not very prominent. It means that simply taking apple cider vinegar or anything else daily without changing your diet routine and activities will not give considerable effects. You can take it to decrease belly fat. The main thing is that it can boost up the process of losing weight if taken with some proper diet plan and exercise.

Manage Diabetes

Diabetes type two is mainly caused by high blood sugar levels. This results when excess sugar in the body does not convert into insulin. Apple cider vinegar is well known for the treatment of this condition. It has the ability to decrease the blood glucose level by increasing the sensitivity of insulin. According to research, it has the ability to make it about 30 percent more sensitive than normal.

One research also shows that it could decrease the blood sugar level up to 30 percent while eating white bread. Moreover, taking 2 tablespoons of it daily before going to bed will result in the decrease of overall blood sugar level to 4 percent in the morning.

Now you know the major health benefits of using this vinegar. There are many vinegar and ketchup brands in Pakistan, so always choose the right one. Make sure that you are taking it only in normal amounts as the excess of everything is bad for your health.