Benefits of Extracurricular Activities

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Students and kids don’t have any idea how talented they are and how big the treasure of the talent they have hidden. It is schools and school activities which discover these hidden talents in them. Students are given so many facilities in the school and colleges among which the most important is extracurricular activities. Students are usually tangled in their studies and hence they are usually busy in their studies far away in search of some new skill set of new talents in them. Their core focus is on their studies and for that they leave no stone unturned. Schools also help the students with the help of new and innovative tools like LMS and ERP. These days online education has made education reach to every student in every corner of the world. These days educational institutions have made extracurricular activities an integral part of their education where they make students participate in these activities and explore their hidden talents through those activities. Extracurricular activities are those activities which are organized by the school in order to make students multi-talented and grab out those hidden talents from the students which can make their career and can decorate their academic life too . Students have some doubts sometimes in participating in these extracurricular activities because they think their precious time for studies will be killed whereas the truth is far away from this. Let’s find out the benefits of extracurricular activities.

The truth is participating in extracurricular activities makes students overall brilliant because it makes them happy to become a part of such a thing which they like a lot, that can be their hobby or passion. When students participate in such activities which are either their hobby or their passion, they enjoy it and then their brains start to function faster than usual. This increased brain function makes students concentrate properly and with full focus he or she is able to study his/her subjects. This also makes students manage their time between studies and their passions and earning grades in studies with awards in their passion. When students participate in various extracurricular activities then they become able to explore the talents and interests they even don’t know they had in them. When students start to explore their talents then they come to know that they can make their career in their passions. School managements also support the students with the help of LMS and ERP so that they can participate in these extracurricular activities and their studies also. When students participate in such activities then their self-confidence and their self-esteem increases and when students master some new skills like playing guitar or swimming or playing billiards then it becomes fun and a matter of happiness also which makes them stay jolly and concentrate on their studies.

In schools, making friends is not an easy task but through extracurricular activities students earn name and fame not only in the schools but after the schools also and people recognize the students due to this or her talent, which brings a flood of friends also. When a student participates in extracurricular activities then he or she meets with more opportunities and exploring those opportunities makes the students touch those horizons of the career which they could not even imagine in their dreams. Extracurricular activities sometimes prove to be life saviours because when students get bored and get irritated from the hectic schedule of schools and burdened syllabus then for a moment, they can stop their studies and enjoy those extracurricular activities. All of the above extracurricular activities provide many of the life skills which are very essential in the life of a student and those are- goal setting, time management, team work, prioritisation, problem-solving, critical thinking, leadership, public speaking and mass performance. The more a student indulges himself/herself the more he/she develops these skills and apart from studies such students become multitasking also due to such activities. 

This talent benefits the students in their further career because when the employers see the student as fresher then he or she has only one thing to focus in their resume and that is how far the student has participated in extracurricular activities which in his eye is the map of his multitasking abilities.