Believing These Myths About Premium Woocommerce Themes Keeps You From Growing

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Myth 1: Premium themes are too expensive

Truth: Premium woocommerce themes can be expensive, but there are also many affordable options. Some theme developers offer discounts for purchasing more than one theme.

Myth 2: Premium themes are only for big businesses

Truth: Premium themes can be used by businesses of any size. There are a variety of themes to choose from, and many come with features that are perfect for small businesses.

Myth 3: Premium themes are difficult to use

Truth: Most premium themes come with easy-to-use customization tools. You can change almost anything about the theme, including the fonts, colors, and layout.

Myth 4: Premium themes look too generic

Truth: Premium themes come in a variety of styles, and you can usually find one that fits your business’s branding. In addition, many premium themes include customization options that let you personalize the look and feel of the theme.

Myth 5: Premium themes are not mobile-friendly

Truth: Most premium themes are responsive, meaning they automatically adjust to look good on any device. This is important because more and more people are browsing the web on their phones and tablets

Myth 6: Premium themes are hard to maintain

Truth: Most premium themes come with automatic updates that keep your theme up-to-date with the latest version of WordPress. This eliminates the need for you to manually update your theme yourself.

Myth 7: Premium themes are not worth the money

Truth: Premium themes offer a lot of value for the price. They often come with features like premium support, automatic updates, and unique designs.

Myth 8: I can’t afford a premium theme

Truth: There are many affordable premium themes available. Some theme developers offer discounts for purchasing more than one theme.

Myth 9: Premium themes are only for designers

Truth: Most premium themes come with easy-to-use customization tools that even beginners can use. You don’t need to be a designer to personalize the look and feel of your site.

Myth 10: I can create my premium theme

Truth: Creating a premium theme is not easy. Most premium themes are built with programming languages like PHP and HTML5. Even if you can create a responsive site, creating a premium theme is a different challenge entirely.

Myth 11: I need to use premium plugins for premium themes

Truth: Many premium themes come with plugins or extensions. Some premium themes require the purchase of extra plugins to work properly. Some premium themes integrate seamlessly with free WordPress plugins, though.

Myth 12: Using a premium theme will improve my SEO rankings

Truth: Although premium sites look more professional and valuable to search engines, there’s no direct link between using them and raising your search engine rankings on Google and other engines.

Myth 13: I can’t use premium themes on my free WordPress site

Truth: You can use premium themes on your free WordPress site, but you will not be able to use all of the features of the theme. In addition, you will not receive updates or support for the theme.

Myth 14: All premium themes are created equal

Truth: This is not true. Just as there are a variety of free WordPress themes, there are also a variety of premium themes. Each premium theme has its own set of features and design options.

Myth 15: I don’t need a premium theme because I have a custom design

Truth: Custom designs are often expensive and time-consuming to create. In most cases, premium themes offer a wider range of design options than custom designs

Myth 16: I’ll get premium support with premium themes

Truth: Some Premium woocommerce themes developers offer premium support, but many do not. In most cases, you will need to buy premium support if you want help updating your premium theme or resolving technical issues. If you go with a free theme, however, it may be easier to get help from the developer in case of an issue.

Myth 17: It doesn’t matter what platform or framework my premium theme uses

Truth: A premium theme’s platform and framework usually affect its features and design options. For example, some frameworks are more suited for eCommerce sites than others. Use the information about the framework and platform to determine whether they fit your needs.

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