Beirut woman plays piano in ruined house

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Social media users share a touching video of an elderly Beirut woman playing the piano in an apartment destroyed by an explosion.

The video is published in their accounts by world stars. So, for example, supermodel Bella Hadid posted it on her blog in Intagram, expressing words of sympathy and calling on all who are not indifferent to help Lebanon.

Her post has already received over 600 thousand views and over 5 thousand user comments. Many of them wrote that they could not watch this video without tears, and also expressed support for the residents of Beirut.

The same video, posted the day before by a girl from Dubai, Raefa ​​Makki, has already gained more than 1.6 million views. More than 4 thousand people have shared it.

The explosion in the area of ​​the seaport of Beirut occurred on 4 August. 137 people died, about 5 thousand were injured. The facades of several buildings located in the immediate vicinity of the site of the emergency collapsed, houses and offices were damaged. As a result of the incident, about 300 thousand people were left homeless.

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