Beijing rejects US warning on WHO mission

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Beijing | Beijing on Thursday rejected the United States’ warning about the WHO mission in China, accusing the new Biden administration of seeking to politicize this investigation into the origin of the new coronavirus.

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While international investigators have just completed their quarantine to begin their field mission in Wuhan, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki warned on Wednesday that Washington would assess “the credibility of the investigative report a once finished ”.

“It is imperative that we get to the bottom of things in the appearance of the pandemic in China”, had pleaded Ms. Psaki, adding that the United States “supports an international investigation which in our opinion must be clear and thorough”.

But during a first round of arms between China and the new Biden administration, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian rejected “negative assumptions” and “political interference” in the work. investigators.

Asked during a press briefing, he considered that these remarks by Ms. Psaki constituted “unnecessary interference” in the work of experts, “which will not be conducive to the search for serious scientific results”.

Former US President Donald Trump accused the WHO of being under Beijing’s orders and withdrawing his country from the international organization.

Arrived in Wuhan more than a year after the onset of the epidemic in this city in central China, the WHO team may struggle to find original traces of the virus.

After initially estimating that the Covid-19 had appeared in a city market, the Chinese authorities are now evoking a possible importation of the disease.

“More and more studies, including from the WHO, show that tracing the origin of COVID-19 is a process that will continue to extend to several regions (of the world) and epidemic centers”, Mr. Zhao estimated.

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