“Beautiful Mom”: singer Valeria posted a photo of her 83-year-old mother

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Singer Valeria posted on Instagram a photo of her mother Galina Perfilova, who turns 83 today. She noted that the mother is forced to be in “confinement” due to the coronavirus, but she courageously endures it. They decided to celebrate the birthday in the family, taking precautions.

“Mummy, please be healthy, but otherwise – any whim, you know. I love you very much, ”Valeria wrote. In the photo, Galina Nikolaevna is captured in a soft lemon-colored jacket and a white blouse. “What a beautiful, elegant woman”, “Long life! Let her stay as young and beautiful! “,” Very beautiful mommy! “” Valeria and her mom are just a copy, one face, “subscribers write.

Many people ask if Valeria’s mother was vaccinated. The singer does not explain this, but, apparently, for some reason, Galina Nikolaevna did not do it, otherwise she would not have to celebrate the date for fear of getting infected.

Galina Perfilova was born in 1938. Almost all her life she worked as a teacher at the Atkarsk Music School. Mother dreamed that her daughter would become an artist, and her wishes come true.