Banks were banned from blocking accounts without explanation

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In Russia, on Saturday, January 30, a law came into force prohibiting banks from denying services to customers and blocking their accounts without giving any reason. Reported by “RIA Novosti”

From now on, according to the law, banks will not be able to block transfers of citizens and organizations, even if they do not have documents confirming the legality of the money. Refusal of service is now possible only if there is a reasonable suspicion of money laundering or terrorist financing.

The decision to refuse to conclude a bank account (deposit) or to terminate it, if during the year there were at least two refusals to perform transactions, can only be made by the head of the organization and persons authorized by him.

Only the head of the organization and persons authorized by him will be able to make a decision to refuse transactions with funds and other property in the presence of relevant suspicions.

Earlier, on January 8, the Russian Ministry of Finance explained the procedure for paying tax on income on bank deposits over 1 million rubles. It is noted that not the bank deposits themselves will be taxed, but interest on them.

The tax on income from interest of citizens on bank deposits, the amount of which exceeds 1 million rubles, began to operate on January 1. Also, since the beginning of the year, the flat scale of taxes on personal income has been canceled, and a 15% rate has been introduced for citizens with incomes of 5 million rubles or more per year.

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