Banks spoke about the preferred currency of Russians for savings

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Investors in large banks keep most of their savings in rubles. This is evidenced by a survey of credit institutions conducted by RIA Novosti.

On average, Russians keep 89% of their savings in national currency.

98.6% of deposits are kept in Russian Standard Bank in rubles, in Absolut Bank – 95%, in Moscow Credit Bank the share of savings in rubles is about 92%.

Retail clients of Dom.RF Bank also keep about 95% of their savings in rubles. In Gazprombank, ruble deposits account for about 88.41%. The share of ruble savings with Rosselkhozbank’s clients is 87.8%.

Among foreign currencies, Russians prefer dollars and euros to store their savings. Pounds sterling, Swiss francs and Chinese yuan and Japanese yen are also found.

At the end of September, the Central Bank reported that overdue for more than 90 days, Russian credit debt as of September 1 amounted to 1.007 trillion rubles. This is 22% more than in the same period in 2019 and 5.3% more than in August-2020. The last time the debt level exceeded 1 trillion rubles in November 2016.

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