Banks reported an increase in the average size of the deposit

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Despite the crisis and low deposit rates, the average deposit amount last year increased to 62% compared to 2019. “Izvestia” was told about this in the largest credit institutions. At the same time, the total outflow of funds from deposits during this period amounted to 1.68 trillion rubles.

The largest increase in the average size of the deposit was noted in Bank Saint Petersburg: the indicator increased from 400 thousand to 650 thousand rubles, and before that the amount had remained practically unchanged for many years, said Dmitry Alekseev, senior vice president and head of the organization’s retail business. … In his opinion, the reason for this increase is the impact of the pandemic. Russians have learned not to spend money on entertainment and travel, and besides, 2020 was not conducive to large spending. Also, in the face of uncertainty and coronavirus restrictions, part of the population increased their savings rate, explained Nadezhda Karavaeva, senior analyst of NRA bank ratings.

The increase in the average size of the deposit was also confirmed by PSB, VTB, MKB, Absolut Bank and RSHB. In the latter, the indicator increased by 11.5% to 528 thousand rubles, and, for example, in the retail segment of ruble deposits of VTB – by 7%. In 2020, the total volume of insured deposits of the population increased by 7.6% to 34 trillion rubles, the press service of the Deposit Insurance Agency reported.

In 2021, Home Credit and Dom.RF banks have already noted an increase in the average amount of deposits compared to last year. A number of credit institutions expect this indicator to increase by the end of 2021 as well. This will be facilitated by an increase in interest rates, the closure of major tourist destinations and the increased cost of housing, as an alternative to investment, said Nadezhda Karavaeva.

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