Bank robbed in Germany, criminal escaped

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On Thursday afternoon in the Bavarian town of Donnersdorf, an unknown person robbed the local branch of Sparkasse. To find the fugitive, the police hooked up a helicopter.

Yesterday, Thursday, March 11, the police conducted an operation to find a bank robber who attacked the Sparkasse branch in Donnersdorf at about 5.15 pm in the afternoon. Numerous police cordons were set up in the Schweinfurt region. In nearby Hasberg, the police monitored passing vehicles. A police helicopter conducted aerial surveillance surveying the Main Valley and Steigerwald regions.

What happened? In the small town of Donnersdorf, with less than 2,000 residents, one of the bank’s two branches was attacked. According to the head of the Gerolzhofen police station, Michael Huslein, the offender entered the Sparkasse Schweinfurt-Haßberge branch on Hauptstrasse at about 5.15 pm and demanded that the officers give him money. After the money was received, the robber managed to escape. Whether the man threatened the bank employees with a weapon, the police did not say. According to the available information, no one was hurt.

The search for the robber continued until late at night. It also involved specially trained sniffer dogs. The Schweinfurt Criminal Police interrogated witnesses and examined the tracks at the crime scene. The offender disappeared. The amount is, the police and employees of Sparkasse have not yet reported.

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