Aviation will be attracted to fight fires in the Upper Volga region

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In the Tver region, aviation will be used to extinguish fires in hard-to-reach places. This decision was announced by Governor Igor Rudenya at a meeting of the regional budget commission.

As clarified by “Tverskiye Vedomosti”, over the past two years in the region registered five fires that occurred in remote areas. In the case of the use of aviation, it will be possible not only to significantly speed up the delivery of fire extinguishing equipment to such places, but also to increase the efficiency of the ground services.

By this time, the forces and means have already been prepared in the Tver region, which will be used to extinguish fires, settlements are being plowed, fire-prevention reservoirs are being cleaned, and road access to remote settlements is being established.

Due to the fact that in recent years the region has been preparing for a fire hazardous period, peatlands are being watered, the material and technical base of the Tverles forest protection center is being strengthened, the number of forest fires in 5 years has been reduced by 8.5 times, and peat fires by 3 times.