Avangard Omsk won the Gagarin Cup

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digistor2 MIC SOURCES 04 APRIL 29 Omsk celebrates the victory of the Vanguard

((for a match))

((viewers and fans))

vk file HC “Avangard” Omsk
from 00:03 to 00:08

– We are champions!


Omsk “Avangard” became
winner of the Gagarin Cup

Hawks trophy
won for the first time ((while the team reached the decisive stage of the playoffs twice))

Avangard won
over Moscow CSKA

In the sixth meeting of the final series
Omsk won 1-0

Threw the only puck
Sergey Tolchinsky
((striker Sergei Tolchinsky, he was recognized as the most valuable player in the playoffs))

Tolchinsky pupil of CSKA,
played for army team last season

As part of Avangard, three times
Kovalchuk became the owner of the Cup ((Ilya became the Gagarin Cup …))

Omsk tonight
didn’t go to bed

Hundreds of fans celebrated
victory in dances and songs

vk file Maxim Pogodaev
somewhere from 00:05
people are dancing