Autoexpert spoke about safe driving in the thaw

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The founder of a safe driving company, Sergei Nikolaev, on Radio 1 on Monday, March 15, told the drivers about the rules of safe driving during the thaw.

According to the expert, one of the main hazards on the road at this time is ice at the bottom of the puddles, and therefore it is best to avoid driving behind heavy vehicles, writes NSN.

“An unexpected moment may occur: a truck with its mass pushes the ice and then brakes on the asphalt. <...> You are flying on the ice and catching up with this truck “, – the words of the specialist are quoted by the TV channel” 360 “.

He noted that the drivers of trucks, buses and SUVs have many blind spots, which is why they simply cannot see the vehicles that are moving behind them.

In addition, Nikolaev advised less often to rebuild from row to row, maintain a distance of two cars and avoid sudden braking.

The expert also urged to abandon the use of mobile phones while driving, since even at a speed of 36 km / h the car travels 10 meters per second. In this regard, even a moment on the phone can create a dangerous situation on the road.

It will not be superfluous to check the tire pressure every morning. If there is a difference in the inflation of the wheels, it is necessary to pump up those in which the pressure is insufficient. To do this, carry a compressor with you.

On March 10, the Moscow department of transport named the frequent causes of road accidents with trucks. According to the ministry, 32% of all road accidents with trucks occur on the Moscow Ring Road. High speed often leads to collisions on the roads. Fatal truck accidents happen equally at night and during the day. At the same time, the severity of road accidents is higher at night, as drivers go much faster.