Autoexpert listed the conditions for returning the car to the salon

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Denis Reshetnikov, head of the Fresh Auto dealership network, told in what cases it is possible to return the car to the salon.

According to the expert, the car can be handed over to a car dealership within 15 days if technical deficiencies are revealed in it, for example, unclear steering, unstable engine operation, lack of sound insulation.

However, if within two weeks the owner of the car no longer likes its color or interior trim, it will not be possible to return the purchase.

“In the event that the malfunctions are of a technical nature and were not obtained as a result of the actions of the driver or passengers, you can terminate the sales contract and return the full cost of the car or replace it with a similar model of the same brand or another brand after recalculating the purchase price,” writes Prime on Monday 8 March.

The car can be returned even after 15 days of operation if there are three conditions – identification of a defect, its repair in a period exceeding 45 days, and if the car is returned for repair to a car dealership under warranty every year and cannot be used for a long time, etc.

At the same time, Reshetnikov stressed that the expert should document the detected problems. Also, the document should state that the identified shortcomings were not the fault of the owner.

In addition, you can return a used car to a car dealership. To do this, it is necessary to prove that the breakdown was already there before the sale of the car. At the same time, the twisted mileage is a direct reason to terminate the purchase and sale agreement with both a dealer and an individual, Reshetnikov noted.

“The changed mileage traveled by a vehicle is a direct misleading about the properties and quality of the goods sold, so you can return the money spent on the purchase with a 100% guarantee,” he concluded.

On March 6, the lawyer told in what cases the car can be confiscated for the debts of its current owner.