Autoexpert assessed the draft of the new traffic rules

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Auto expert Igor Morzharetto commented on the message that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has prepared a draft of new traffic rules (SDA).

“Quite a long time ago, a draft government decree was published, which made major changes to the main provisions on the admission of vehicles – this is part of the traffic rules. They just expanded this list, “he explained in an interview with RT on April 23.

The specialist added that there will be many new requirements that were not there before. This is, for example, a requirement for the seasonality of rubber. According to him, the draft new rules will stipulate that during the three winter months car owners will need to use only winter tires, and in the three summer months any non-studded tires can be used. This requirement was transferred to the traffic rules from the regulations of the Customs Union.

Regarding the appearance of fines in the amount of 500 rubles or more, Morjaretto said that the main task was not to fine, but to explain the mandatory nature of such requirements in connection with the security issue.

Earlier on the same day, it became known that the Ministry of Internal Affairs began preparing a draft of new traffic rules. At the moment, the department is discussing this issue. The first edition of the document was submitted to the traffic police back in 2020, but the list of rules presented in the first edition was considered irrelevant due to the content of references to outdated standards. Currently, the department has prepared the second version of the project.