Australian presenter of live weather forecast pulls corpse out of sea

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In Queensland, Australia’s Channel Nine weather presenter Luke Bradnam rushed to the rescue of a drowning man in the sea during a live broadcast, the Daily Star writes on Saturday, February 6.

Bradnam decided that the surfer he had noticed was drowning, so he decided to help. However, when he swam closer to him, he realized that in front of him was a corpse. According to the presenter, he was shocked, as he first saw the dead man up close.

“I didn’t even know if I could swim because I tore a muscle in my shoulder at the gym this week and my arm had to be bandaged,” he told reporters.

Nevertheless, Bradnam was able not only to swim to the body, but also to help rescuers pull it ashore.

The drowned surfer turned out to be 32-year-old Briton Jake Jacobs, who disappeared on the same stretch of coast on Thursday evening. He was last seen entering the water with his 29-year-old girlfriend. Later, the girl’s body was also found at sea.

In January, it became known that the instructor rescued a child after an avalanche on the ski slope in Dombai in Karachay-Cherkessia.

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