Australia sends two warships to search for submarine in Indonesia

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Two Australian warships, the Anzac frigate HMAS Ballart and the HMAS Sirius replenishment vessel, will join the search for the 53-man KRI Nanggala-402 German-made submarine missing in Indonesia. On Friday, April 23, The Australian reports.

With sonars and an MH-607 helicopter on board, the HMAS Ballart is expected to reach the submarine’s search area on 23 April, while Sirius is due to arrive at its destination by next Tuesday morning. Both ships were relocated from regional depots following Indonesia’s formal acceptance of Australian aid.

The report also refers to concerns that the KRI Nanggala-402 submersible sank at the bottom of a deep-sea trench in Bali. The crew members have oxygen for 72 hours, and this is enough to continue the search for the submarine until Saturday evening.

On the same day, April 23, it became known that 21 warships, five aircraft and three submarines were sent to search for the missing submarine KRI Nanggala-402 in Indonesia.

On April 21, it became known that the Indonesian submarine KRI Nanggala 402 stopped communicating during an exercise near the island of Bali.

The craft disappeared about 60 miles north of Bali. Indonesian authorities have also turned to Singapore and Australia for help with the search.