Astrakhanka tried to deceive the state by almost 2 million rubles

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Woman caught fraudulently when trying to apply for a million dollar subsidy using fake documents

Fraudsters in the Astrakhan region are becoming more and more inventive every time, and now they are trying to deceive not only gullible citizens, but also the state. 32-year-old Astrakhanka is suspected of attempted fraud when receiving payments on an especially large scale.

The investigation suggests that a resident of a village in the Volga region, having learned that the condition for receiving social payments for the purchase of housing under the federal target program is to work under an employment contract in the agricultural sector or in the social sphere, decided to deceive everyone and bought a fake work book … In the document, she was allegedly listed as employed since 2014 as a freight forwarder of milk and dairy products for an individual entrepreneur – the head of a peasant farm. In fact, the woman worked in a completely different place in a different position.

Astrakhan was entitled to a payment in the amount of more than 1.7 million rubles, but she could not receive the money – the administration officials found out that the data was false and established the woman’s actual place of work.

The investigation of the criminal case continues, all the circumstances of the incident are being established.