Astrakhan voiced an opinion on why it is impossible to restore Erik Kazachy

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Last year, a vote was held on the site of the city administration, where the future fate of Erik Kazachy was decided. The residents of Astrakhan had to choose: to fill up the erik and make a road and playgrounds there, or to restore the reservoir.

The problem of erik was discussed at the intensive forum of the New People movement. At it, experts stated that it was impossible to restore the erik Kazachy. According to activists, the erik was originally an outflow of the Straight Bolda River, and in the middle of the last century, the compound was filled up.

In the 2010s, waste from the local hydroelectric power station began to be dumped into the waters of the erik. Residents of the district did not even suspect what this would lead to – the erik turned into a swamp with waste. Even then, environmentalists sounded the alarm, as an unfavorable atmosphere was created for the Astrakhan people. The state district power station was closed, but the fate of Erik was ruined. Subsequently, a fire hazardous plant appeared in its waters – reeds. And this year it became known that a water utility is pouring out its waste into the reservoir.

The residents of this area were offered two ways out of this situation: the construction of a road on the site of the erik or its complete drainage in order to install playgrounds. However, the Astrakhan people want to choose the third way – to restore the original state of the erik Kazachiy. But according to experts, this is impossible, because during the drying up of the river, new buildings appeared on its banks – houses of local residents, therefore, with a full restoration of the reservoir during the flood of this river, all houses may be subject to flooding.