Astrakhan repaid the debt after the arrest of bank accounts and the ban on leaving

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The bailiffs also imposed a ban on registration actions in relation to his 9 cars.

Astrakhan borrowed 170 thousand rubles from his friend. He spent them at his own discretion and did not begin to return the funds even in part. The court ruled to recover the entire amount.

The bailiff informed the man about the initiation of enforcement proceedings and sent a corresponding order. However, the debtor did not return the funds.

In this regard, the debtor’s bank accounts were arrested, his right to travel abroad was restricted. In addition, they banned registration actions with respect to its nine cars – Kia Rio, Hyundai Sonata, Volkswagen Polo, Gazelle and five Renault Logan cars.

Only after that, the man paid off the entire debt, as well as the performance fee.