Assemblyman Robert Carroll proposes additional tax on New Yorkers on online purchases

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Assemblyman Robert Carroll, representing the Brooklyn State Legislature, has come up with a legislative initiative to impose another tax on New Yorkers.

If the offer passes, everyone who purchases online from companies like Amazon will have to pay an additional $ 3 for each box delivered.

Carroll expects that this could generate $ 1.5 billion in a year. The money should go to save MTA. The transport agency, as you know, has always suffered from a lack of funds, and is now in a desperate situation due to the consequences of COVID-19.

The MP does not believe that the proposed law will greatly infringe on buyers.

“Up to 1.5 million such deliveries are made every day in New York City,” he says. “People who buy on Amazon can handle the markup. After all, they buy ordinary goods for everyday use and could do the same by walking on the next street. “

Delivery of food and medicine is excluded from the bill. The supplement is also not going to be taken from people with disabilities.

The proposed new tax has drawn strong condemnation from Assembly Republican minority leader Will Barclay. He believes that the state authorities do not have the right to shift budgetary problems onto taxpayers.

Meanwhile, the tendency to cover the growing budget deficit by getting into the pockets of New Yorkers is evident. The box is not limited to Amazon boxes. Assembly Democrats are pushing for a “millionaire tax.” The intention is to impose additional tribute on drivers who drive through toll bridges and tunnels without an EZ-Pass device.

According to Barclay, the salvation is not in taxes, but in auditing all state programs and excluding from them everything that is associated with wastefulness and inefficiency.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 0 dated November 30 -0001

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Salvation is not in taxes

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