As a result of the protests in London, eight police

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As a result of protests in London, eight police officers were injured due to restrictions aimed at combating the spread of the coronavirus. This was reported on Saturday, April 24, by RTE, citing police data.

Initially, the rallies were positioned as peaceful, but after police officers attempted to disperse the crowd in Hyde Park, demonstrators threw bottles at law enforcement officers in response.

Photos of the injured employees were posted on social media. So, in one of the images, a woman is bleeding from a cut on her forehead. Two more police officers were taken to hospital, no serious injuries were recorded.

The report also reports on five protesters detained on charges of assaulting police and other crimes. The protest movement in London began two weeks after the change in antiviral restrictions.

National Chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales John Apter commented on the incident and noted that the victims were simply doing their job, while remaining someone’s sons, daughters, moms and dads.

In April, representatives of the Black Lives Matter movement against police violence and racism pelted police with fireworks during protests in Washington DC.