Arrested twice in six days for not wearing a mask

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A 60-year-old from Texas has been arrested twice in just six days for refusing to wear a mask in a public place.

The first time around, Terry Lynn Wright was arrested at a Galveston bank and charged with criminal trespassing and resisting arrest, CBS Austin reports.

The scene was captured by a body camera from one of the police officers. After many warnings, the lady still refused to comply with the police.

When the policeman said to her: “Madam, listen, we can do that easily or take great measures”, the lady replied: “What are you going to do? Stop me? Very funny”. This is what the police did in the moments that followed.

Proof that the message simply did not get through, the lady was arrested again just six days later.

This time, Terry Lynn Wright was in an office supply store and still refused to wear a mask, even though it is mandatory in shops.

According to authorities, employees at the store asked her to put on a mask, which she refused to do.

The 65-year-old woman was thus arrested. However, no new charges have been laid against him. She has since been transported to Galveston County Jail.

Under state law, businesses can put in place COVID-19 health protocols if they choose and can refuse to serve a customer if the customer refuses to follow them.