Armed Forces officer quarreled with Ukrainian blogger over Russia

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An officer of the Ukrainian army made a scandal with an Instagram blogger from Kiev over a video on TikTok in which a girl between Ukraine and Russia preferred the Russian Federation.

In the video, a blogger with the nickname di.rubens answered questions from another blogger, who suggested that she choose one of the two countries he named. So, from the pairs Russia and the USA, Russia and Belarus, the girl chose Russia. At the interlocutor’s proposal to choose between Russia and Ukraine, she laughingly chose the first country.

An officer of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) Anatoly Shtefan drew attention to the video. He called the girl’s words shameful and wrote: “So much for your patriotic education.” This statement was taken up by Ukrainian radicals, noting that the video was filmed on Independence Square in Kiev.

The blogger responded by calling the officer “a shame of the Ukrainian army” who wants “hype” and is fighting the civilian population, writes She expressed her intention to obtain a criminal case against him and stated that she would file a lawsuit with charges of organizing her harassment on social networks.

Earlier in January, an Instagram blogger from Lviv wished the Russians a Happy New Year. The Ukrainian radical drew attention to the girl’s words, ironically speaking about the blogger’s activities.

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