April 21 in Tula up to +12 degrees and rain

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The wind will be from 8 to 13 meters per second.

Heavy rain is expected in Tula on April 21. This is reported by the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Tula region.

According to forecasters, the wind will be northeast at night, while in the daytime it will be southwest from 8 to 13 meters per second.

Air temperature at night – 0 … + 5 ℃. In the daytime, the air will warm up to + 7… + 12 ℃. According to meteorologists, the atmospheric pressure is expected to be lowered 735-740 mm Hg.

The visibility range will be 7000 meters, and during precipitation – 5000 meters.

We will remind, earlier “MK in Tula” wrote that the tula rescued the memories of a woman who suffered from a hurricane in Kansas.

We also reported that from April 23, the weather in Tula will return to normal in October. Abnormally warm weather has ended in Central Russia. Autumn is expected this week. The weather will be spoiled by the Balkan cyclone. He will bring rain with him. Peak precipitation is expected on Wednesday 21 April (up to 22 millimeters).

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