April 12: what is strictly forbidden to do on St. John’s Day – signs, beliefs

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On April 12, Orthodox Christians remember Saint John, the author of The Ladder, a work that for many has become a guide to ascend to spiritual heights.

According to legend, the earthly path of the saint fell on the second half of the 6th century.

On this day, our ancestors baked cookies in the form of a ladder, it was believed that eating such cookies was a sign of health and good luck in all affairs and undertakings.

Weather signs:
If dandelions have bloomed by April 12, summer will not be long, the cherry tree in bloom warns that it is time to plant beets and corn. Well, if the bees left their hives after hibernation, the next few days will be warm weather.

What absolutely must not be done on this day:

According to the signs of ancestors, on this day you should not once again leave the walls of your house, and also look out for something in the window for a long time. Newlyweds are prohibited from visiting their relatives today, they believed that such a visit could end in a quarrel. Also, on this day, one should not conflict, be jealous and envy.