Appointment Letter Format: Rules And Key Points! [Template Included]

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An appointment letter is one of the most coveted letters for any employee! So many tests, interviews, and pains have finally borne fruit, and it is time for celebration. It is essential for both you and your new employee. For you because it is one of the first interactions of the new employee with your company. Therefore, it should be in the correct appointment letter format.

For the employee, an ideal appointment letter conveys all the details about employment clauses and other terms and conditions so that employee knows all there is to know about the position. 

The employee must also read the letter and sign a duplicate copy of the letter along with their signature and agreed-upon joining date.

It is sent when the recruitment process is over, and the candidate has been selected.

So, let’s learn more about the appointment letter format.

What Is The Appointment Letter Format?

Points covered in an ideal appointment letter format:

  • Company letterhead with the name & address of the employer
  • Date of issuance of the letter
  • Full name and address of the potential employee
  • Job title or position offered
  • Job role & its responsibilities
  • Nature of job- Permanent, Temporary, or Contractual
  • Office Timings
  • Expected salary
  • Perks and other benefits
  • Employment terms and conditions
  • Company Policies in brief
  • Attach or reference the HR Manual
  • Time length of the contract (optional)
  • Date of joining
  • A checklist of joining documents
  • Security requirements
  • Commitment or declaration
  • Termination clauses

What Are The Key Points Of Writing An Appointment Letter?

An appointment letter is a formal letter. Thus, in addition to the correct format, there are a few more essential points you should remember.

  • It should always be written on the official company letterhead.
  • It should be signed by the management, HR Manager, or recruitment authority
  • All the appointment letter format inclusions should be present.
  • The appointment letter is a legally binding document
  • The letter’s tone should instil expectations but lay down the terms clearly. You can do this by opening with a congratulatory note, followed by an in-depth body, and ending warmly.
  • Make sure to mention background checks of the employee before joining if required for the position.
  • Additionally, you can have the legal team take a glance over the letter to keep you safe from all the legal repercussions.

Note: If searching for appointment letter templates is too much of a hassle, HROne provides you with letter templates of all types, including appointment letter templates.

Sample Letter Template 

Date:               ___________________________

Name: Mr/Ms ___________________________

Address:         ___________________________

Dear Name: _______________,


Subject: Appointment as Sales Manager (Designation)


We want to thank you for taking out time to meet our hiring team. And after careful scrutiny, we are pleased to inform you that you have been chosen for the Sales Manager position on the following terms and conditions.

Position: Sales Manager

Job Description: (find attached)

Basic Pay: Your base pay would be ₹ _______ /- per month in the pay scale of ₹ _______.


  1. HRA Payable at the rate of _____% of the basic pay.
  2. Children Education Allowance- ₹_____/- per month.
  3. Meal/ Lunch subsidy- ₹_____/- per day (for present days)
  4. One gift or gift voucher per year not exceeding value of ₹________/- (cannot be converted to cash)
  5. Professional Upgradation Allowance ₹________/- year
  6. LTC/LFC ₹_________/- year
  7. Mobile Allowance of ₹_______/- towards prepaid plan facility.
  8. Provident Fund- You will be required to contribute 12% of your base salary presently.
  9. Probation And Confirmation- You will be required to stay on probation for six months. You will be considered for confirmation thereof if your work/performance and code of conduct are found satisfactory during the probation period.
  10. Posting- You will report to New Delhi on the joining date.
  11. Please read the employee handbook and HR Manual and follow the required code of conduct at the workplace.
  12. Please bring the following documents on the joining date:

Proof of DOB 

Educational Qualifications

  1. If any declaration, statement, or information you provide is found false or untrue, or if any material information I suppressed, your appointment is liable to be terminated without any notice or compensation in lieu thereof.


If you agree to the above terms and conditions, please report to the company office before ________ (Date of Joining).


I wish you all the success and luck for your tenure with us!