Apple and Google launch tools to fight climate change

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Apple and Google made announcements Thursday on their efforts to fight climate change, one of the priorities of US President Joe Biden, who has scheduled a virtual summit on the subject on April 22 and 23.

The iPhone maker has endowed a new $ 200 million fund to invest in forestry projects to help absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

The “Restore Fund”, launched in partnership with Conservation International and Goldman Sachs, will generate returns on investments.

“By creating a fund that brings both financial benefits and real and measurable contributions to the environment, we hope to bring about more profound changes in the future, by encouraging investments in carbon absorption around the world”, Lisa Jackson, the group’s vice president in charge of the environment, commented in a statement.

This effort is part of the commitments made by the Apple brand last year to become CO2 neutral by 2030 for all its operations, including the production of electronic devices.

Its neighbor Google has for its part added videos in “time-lapse” mode on its free site Google Earth, which allow to visualize the transformation of certain geographical areas in time-lapse.

The online search giant has compiled tens of millions of satellite images taken over the past 37 years.

Users will thus be able to see cities spreading out over the sea or glaciers shrinking over the years.

“Visual evidence can resolve debates better than words, and convey complex messages to as many people as possible,” Google said in a statement.