Apple agreed to pre-install Russian software

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Apple Corporation agreed with the Ministry of Finance of Russia to install applications from Russian developers on the device during its first setup. Now, when setting up a device from an American corporation purchased in the Russian Federation, the user will see a dialog box. As a result, he will be offered by default to install applications from a list approved by the Russian government.

Apple has confirmed the information. They stressed that the company complies with the laws of the countries in which it operates. From April 1, users will be offered a choice of applications from Russian developers when activating new devices.

As pointed out by the representative of the Ministry, the installation can be abandoned by unchecking the boxes in front of certain applications, the newspaper “Vedomosti” writes.

The Russian department is not interested in the dominant position of popular programs included in the list for mandatory preinstallation. In the event that “interesting to users and rapidly gaining popularity alternative offers” appear on the market, they will be included in this selection.