Another rally of historical cars “Bear” started in Yaroslavl

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On August 7, the regular rally of vintage cars, organized by the Yaroslavl club of lovers of historical cars “Bear”, began from Sovetskaya Square.

Initially, the run dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory was planned for May 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic has made its own adjustments – and it has become possible only now. This time, about 20 vintage cars, both domestic and foreign cars, are participating in the rally.

At the prelaunch show, hunchbacked “Zaporozhtsy”, old and new “Volgas”, half-forgotten “Muscovites” and exotic “Lincolns” and “Chryslers” stood side by side.

However, the main highlight of the rally this year was other foreign cars – “Studebakers” (on which the famous “Katyushas” were mounted) and “Wilis”.

The chairman of the “Bear” club, Andrei Laguzov, told reporters that the route of the race this year also bears the memory of Victory: “We are driving through defensive structures. These are Rostov, Borisogleb, Uglich, Myshkin, Rybinsk, Tutaev, Yaroslavl. And these cars, including Katyushas, ​​will surely pass this entire route. “

On the way, retro motorists will meet with veterans and members of search teams. The race will end in three days in the same place where it started – on the Soviet Square in Yaroslavl.

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