Andrey Bocharov has set tasks to prevent emergencies in the region

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The Governor held a visiting meeting of the regional commission for the prevention and elimination of emergencies and ensuring fire safety (CES) in the Sredneakhtubinsky district today. The main topics of the meeting were the safety of residents at water bodies and additional measures to ensure a special fire safety regime.

As the correspondent of “Volgogradskaya” reports, the meeting of the regional commission was first held using the regional mobile control center.

The heads of municipalities and city districts reported to the governor on the fire safety measures taken in their territories. The reports were transmitted via videoconferencing.

It is recommended to continue preventive measures. In the districts of the region, it is necessary to further equip the fire-prevention mineralized belts, timely mow dry grass and reeds, and remove garbage.

In August, interdepartmental raids will take place in specially protected areas, forestry areas and in settlements, the participants of which will pay special attention to places of mass stay of people, children’s summer camps and social facilities.

Recall that from April 13, a special fire regime has been introduced on the territory of the region, and constant explanatory work is being conducted with residents. In the Volgograd region, the fire-prevention project “Let’s stop the fire together” is being implemented, in which more than 65 thousand people participated.

The grouping of forces of the fire service of the region includes more than a thousand people and 200 fire trucks. New businesses are being established in remote areas – 4 more will open this year.

Note that the Volgograd region belongs to a high-risk climatic zone. This forces the authorities to make additional efforts to ensure the safety of residents and infrastructure facilities.

Since 2014, large-scale exercises have been regularly organized in the region, interagency cooperation has been established, which has significantly improved the situation in the elimination and prevention of emergencies, and also significantly reduced their destructive consequences.

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