Analysts estimate the cost of a wedding

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Specialists of the services “SberServices” and “Sbermarket” in the course of the study found that the average cost of a small wedding for 15 people in 2021 will be from 170 thousand rubles.

This amount includes a banquet for guests, festive make-up and hairstyle, as well as the services of a presenter, videographer and photographer, room rental, decor and design of invitations. The calculation took into account the average prices in Moscow for the period from January to April of the current year.

At the same time, experts are confident that a memorable wedding can be organized without high costs. First of all, you should draw up a holiday plan in advance and choose a place for celebration.

“Having a clear idea, it is much easier to organize a memorable holiday. Choose a place for the celebration in advance, as it will be difficult to find a cafe or a venue that you like and will meet your budget wishes during the season, “RIA Novosti writes on Tuesday, April 27.

Experts also emphasize that the budget for the holiday should be decided in advance, and the amount should be affordable. You should be guided based on the calculation that about a third of the amount will go to the menu for the banquet and the rental of the premises, and the rest – to the decor, the bride’s fees, photography and video filming and the presenter. Also, the budget should include 10% for unforeseen expenses.

To save money, you can rent a bride’s dress and a groom’s suit at the box office or find suitable clothes in the mass market. You can also choose a restaurant in the city center on weekdays, since they are usually empty at this time and will gladly welcome guests without extra charge. The presenter, in turn, can be ordered for two to three hours.

In March, it was reported that couples in Moscow on Krasnaya Gorka were offered to marry in a cable car cabin on Vorobyovy Gory. It was noted that it will be possible to marry in the air for the first time in Russia.