An unusual place to get your vaccine

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The places to receive the COVID-19 vaccine are sometimes quite unusual, such as stadiums or churches, and New York State has also joined this trend by offering the vaccination at the famous American Museum of Natural History.

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This New York building, which was notably the scene of the films “A night at the museum”, has attracted crowds for its exhibitions for several years, but since Friday, a vaccination clinic has been on site.

New Yorkers therefore receive their dose against COVID-19 a few meters from a giant replica of a blue whale.

Remember that this is not the first time that Americans have been digging into their imaginations to find original sites to give vaccines. At the start of the vaccination campaign, citizens could receive a dose of the vaccine while driving their cars, a pattern that is starting to take shape in Canada.

A few weeks ago, journalist François-David Rouleau also obtained a gift card in addition to his vaccine a few hours from the Masters tournament in Georgia.