An old staircase to Mount Zheleznaya will be restored in Zheleznovodsk

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This was announced by the head of Zheleznovodsk Yevgeny Moiseev. “We decided to restore the stairs that led from the Travertine Cliff in Lermontovsky Square to the top of Mount Zheleznaya. The staircase will be made entirely of wood and will follow a historical path. Its length will be 150 steps. This will be the shortest, but at the same time the most difficult way to the Iron Mountain. Our task is to restore the history and the entire resort infrastructure of Zheleznovodsk. According to the facts, it was on this staircase that Pushkin, Lermontov, Tolstoy and other great representatives of Russian culture once climbed to visit the mistress of the mountain, Zheleznaya, ”says Evgeny Moiseev.

The old staircase will be recreated as part of the improvement of the Lermontov Square.

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