An HIV-infected man in the Vologda region attacked a pensioner

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A 38-year-old man was found guilty of attempted rape and knowingly putting another person at risk of contracting HIV.

The court found that on May 7 last year, the accused, while intoxicated at a bus stop on the federal highway, saw an unfamiliar woman of 72 years old. At that moment, there was no one nearby. The man hit the pensioner on the head with an empty bottle and threw her to the ground. Pulling the victim out of the way, he tried to rape her. He beat the woman into silence. But then passers-by appeared and scared the rapist. He ordered the woman to be silent about what had happened.

The woman drove to Vologda and went to the hospital, and then to the police. The next day, the identity of the suspect was established. The man knew about his disease since 2014.

The accused was sentenced to 3 years 7 months in prison.